1) Is the right track Career after HSC?
Yes, is the right track to choose GST Practitioner after HSC. You will able to focus and shaping your career, where people will be still confused about what to do and what not. GST Practitioner is best track after HSC and also for those people who want to make career in taxation and accountancy. GST Practitioner course is an exciting career for commerce students.
2) Who is GST Practitioner?
• GST Practitioner would be allowed to appear as an authorized representative before any officer of the GST department, Appellate authority and tribunal.
• GST Practitioner is kind of a consultant who provides services to other taxpayers through online mode. He must be registered on GSTN portal and must gain a certificate through an application procedure before he can start his/ her practice.
• The GST practitioner is a person approved by the Central Government or State Government to perform the GST related activities on behalf of the taxpayers. GST practitioner would be allowed to appear as an authorized representative. GST Practitioner is a kind of consultant who provides services to other taxpayers through online mode. A GST Practitioner must be registered on GSTN Portal and must have gained a certificate of GSTP.
3) Work of GST Practitioner?
GST Practitioner is a person approved by the central and state governments to perform the activities, on behalf of a taxable person i.e. payment for tax, interest, penalty, fees or any other amount or file a claim for refund. On the behalf of their clients, a GST practitioner can do.. a. file GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 b. furnish GSTR 3 and GSTR 9 c. make a deposit for credit into the electronic cash ledger d. file a claim for refund (after confirmation from the registered person e. file an application for amendment or cancellation of registration f. (after confirmation from the registered person g. appear as an authorized representative Goods & Services Practitioner has been assigned to undertake any or all the activities on behalf of a registered person i.e. a. Furnish details of outward and inward supplies. b. Furnish monthly, quarterly, annual or final return. c. Deposit any credit into the electronic cash ledger. d. File an application of claim for refund. e. File application for cancellation or amendment of registration. f. He is also able to help his client in issuance of tax invoices, delivery challan, a procedure for GST registration, cancellation, and any GST Updates.
4) Valuation of GST Practitioner?
The demand for GST Practitioner is increasing in market hence there is best scope for this professional course. Valuation for GST Practitioner is increasing rapidly because of certification for GSTP is from Govt of India. No, Negative markings yet till now.
5) Which Industry / Company Support for GST Practitioner?
There are many companies in India who support GST Practitioner. Specially the CA Firms looks for the GST Practitioner Person. E&Y Company, CAPEGEMINI, INFOTECH, L&T, and many more top companies. Finance and taxation industry supports for GST Practitioner.
6) What is the Salary for GST Practitioner in India and outside of India?
The average annual salary for Accounts Manager in GST Practitioner is INR 4.9 to 6.4 lakhs in India.(according to google.com)Feb 28, 2020 other companies give according to the experience approx. 17 lakhs package.
7) What is Beneficial for education Support / Criteria?
The benefit of GST Practitioner is you can start pursuing after HSC so that you can be thorough and appear after Graduation. GST Practitioner must be Graduate or Post Graduate or must possess an equivalent degree in Commerce, Law, Banking, Business Administration, and Business Management for any recognized University. Commerce graduates can apply for examination of GST Practitioner. More Qualification requirement is  A Foreign University degree equivalent to the degree examination mentioned above from an institution which is recognized by an Indian University.  Clearance through any examination as notified by the government, on the recommendation of the Council.  A degree from an Indian University or any Foreign University recognized by any Indian University as the equivalent of the degree examination.  Passing in the following degree;  Finals of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.  Finals of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.  Finals of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
8) Is that Excel Computer Institute providing GST Practitioner Training?
Yes!, ECI is providing professional practical and Theoretical Training of GST Practitioner with Certification from Government of India. ECI helps the student to reach in the professionalism.
9) What are the Course contents for GST Practitioner?
GST Practitioner Course contents- The course contents theory of Briefingof GST, CGST, SGST/UTGST & IGST all Acts & Rules knowledge and Practical of filing GST returns online.GSTR-1.GSTR-2A, GSTR-2, GSTR-3, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4 / CMP-08, GSTR-9, and more.
10) Is there available Online / Offline training?
ECI is providing both offline and online trainingon the situational basis for GST Practitioner course. Online training is provided through online Live lectures. Timings and batches for practical are available according to students conveniences.
11) ECI Providing Industry Experts support?
Yes! ECI is also providing training through Professional experts; like CA, GST and TAX experts are also providing training.They will help us is every manner.